Add diffusers throughout your home to enjoy the refined, long-lasting fragrance. Beautifully designed vessels contain a potent mixture of scent oils that gently infuse wooden reeds with the delicate aroma of your choice. From rich, spicy scents to soft florals, you’ll find the perfect fragrance for your.


What are reed diffusers?

Reed diffusers are liquid air fresheners in a narrow-necked bottle with long sticks inserted in to the liquid. These sticks, or reeds, absorb scented liquid from the container and release fragrance into the surrounding air.  Many scents are available. Manufacturers range from widely-known consumer brands to small boutique producers. There are also recipes on the web for making your own air fresheners for use in reed diffusers.

What are the benefits of reed diffusers?

Reed diffusers are a safe way to continuously fragrance your home without the worry of a naked flame.

How often should I flip the reeds?

The more reeds you have in a diffuser, the more fragrance release you will achieve - we include eight reeds with our diffusers! The reeds need to be flipped every few weeks in order to keep the scent in your home. The diffuser reeds absorb the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. The more space your diffuser has, the better the scent.

Can I re-use my diffuser reeds?

No. Once you have used your reeds in one oil they cannot be used in a different oil. Re-using reeds may produce an undesirable scent when the oils mix. It is always best to use new reeds with each new fragrance.

Why does my diffuser liquid discolour?

You may find that the liquid in your diffuser may change colour. This doesn’t mean that it is faulty, or loose its effectiveness! Direct sunlight may cause some discolouration so moving your diffuser will reduce this from happening.

My reed diffuser is too strong, is there anything I can do?

If you find that the fragrance emitted by your reed diffuser is too strong, simply remove some of the reeds. The less reeds you have in the bottle the slower the oil will dissipate throughout the room and the less potent it will be. As the formula is designed for optimal wicking action, we do not recommend adding anything to the oil itself.