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Coconut & Argan - Body Oil


Size: 200ml

Moisturise, Heal, Soften, Smooth, Protect


- Fractionated Coconut Oil
- Organic Argan Oil
- Vitamin E Oil
- Microcare DB

Ingredient Highlights:

    Coconut Oil - moisturises and softens skin, protects from microbial infections and contributes to cellular health, repairs damaged skin

    Argan Oil - absorbs quickly, leaves no residue, rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, restore the skin's texture and youthfulness, rich in vitamin E, hydrate and heal skin, protects cell membranes against oxidation, heals stretch marks and scar tissue, high levels of Omega 6 linoleic acid, preserves moisture and elasticity, reduces chance of wrinkles

    Vitamin E - nutrient, anti-oxidant, blocks free radical damage, boosts collagen production, speeds up cell regeneration, rehydrates and smooths skin

    Microcare DB - is a blend of an organic acid with benzyl alcohol which can be used for the gentle preservation of all personal care products

    Coconut & Argan - Body Oil

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